Mountain Biking: I Owe My Being To The Mountains And Glades

After a thrilling day of paintball, our winners Maserame and Mojaki, could not wait to continue exploring active living in the beautiful African landscape and chose mountain biking as the next #GreatEscape activity. And with that being said, I think everyone can agree that there is no better place to appreciate the majestic scenery of our country than atop a mountain!

For this activity, the six friends headed out to Elgin Valley, a large lush area of land encircled by mountains, in the Overberg region of South Africa. This broad upland valley lies about 70 km southeast of Cape Town, just beyond the Hottentots Holland Mountains.

Fitness and endurance are key factors in making it to the top of the mountain. After some time in the saddle the team realised that it is not just a physical challenge, but a mental one too. However, they continued to push through with tired bodies and big smiles.

The XUV700 also got to show off its capabilities and spirited performance. Maserame, who sustained a sprained ankle during the last activity, got to navigate the team up the trail & cheer them on from the driver’s seat of her XUV700.

Getting to the top was a breeze, thanks to the XUV700 super screen – a combination of two high-definition 26 cm digital screens for the digital cluster and user-friendly infotainment systems, which include detailed vehicle information and a navigation system.

Fun Fact: The XUV700 is a semi-autonomous car which means capable of sensing its environment and operating without human involvement.

South Africa is among the top 10 countries in the world where people love to live active lifestyles and today’s activity gave us a small peak into the vast landscapes and beautiful nature that we are lucky enough to have right on our doorsteps, just waiting to be explored.

And there’s no better way for one to explore it than on a set of Mahindra XUV700 wheels – a vehicle designed to take you places you have never been and a machine engineered to complement the needs of those who wish to #ExploreActiveLiving.

The euphoric feeling of finally making it to the top of the mountain brings in a spiritual element and the words of the former South African President, Thabo Mbeki resonate: “I am an African, I owe my being to the hills and the valleys, the mountains and the glades, the rivers, the deserts, the trees, the flowers, the seas and the ever-changing season that define the face of our native land”.


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