Trail Running: In It For The Long Run

For todays #GreatEscape adventure, we swapped tarmac streets for an epic 10 km relay trail run through Tulbagh.

Trail running is a popular pastime, that is enjoyed all over the world, and for good reason! From bucket list destinations, to mountain summits, epic beaches, and lush forests, trail running allows you to see some of the world’s most stunning landscapes. And the Winelands of Tulbagh don’t disappoint on that front!  With our teammates to share the miles and our highly capable XUV700s to guide the way with their integrated dual HD super screens that features built-in navigation, we were ready to take on the challenge.

Chantal cheered Mark on every step of the way from behind the wheel of her XUV700. While Maserame, who is back in the game after her injury, showed ultimate sportsmanship as she tackled the track with grace – a pure indication that one can always rise from any challenge and conquer the odds with heart and passion! While the trail was hard and the morning sun was hot, the XUV700 acted as the perfect partner, matching our gusto every step of the way. This true partnership between man and machine could only be rivalled by the beautiful surrounds. Once again, Adriaan and Li-Mari ended the race with a smashing win! Proving that dynamite does come in small packages.

Much like our competitive spirit and desire to succeed, the XUV700 was engineered to be the best in its class. Which is why Mahindra spent decades crafting a vehicle that would not only deliver spirited performance but also be the best in every aspect.


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