Taking adventures & safety to new heights!

Did you know that the Western Cape has been identified in the top 100 most loved places in the world – following a global consumer sentiment analysis? There’s no better way to explore this majestic province than the XUV700 with the panoramic Sky Roof to explore the sky with. However, the views from today’s thrilling activity almost come close!

The teams headed to Paarl Valley where they experienced a whole new thrill…a thrill like never before. Chantal and Mark won the previous challenge, so they chose abseiling at Paarl Rock for the next exhilarating adventure. It’s not quite Table Mountain, but with her full-bodied figure and polished complexion, Paarl Rock is still a sight to behold. And now, thanks to Cascade Country Manor, it’s possible to not just look at her impressive curves but to get up close and personal too.

The teams participated in a guided abseiling challenge down the peak’s smooth slopes, which means that now everyone and anyone – even those without the equipment– can safely rope their way from the top to the bottom of the renowned granite formation. Aside from offering some exhilarating outdoor action, abseiling is also a prime way to take in the Paarl region’s pretty scenery.

This challenge required the team members to trust each other and their guide to make it to the bottom of the rock, safely. The extreme height of the abseil is not for the faint-hearted, but the reassuring voice of a friend is always a welcome sound as you make your way down. Much like the XUV700 and its awe-inspiring Sci-Fi Technology and World-Class Safety: The XUV700 features a personalized safety alert, in the voice of a loved one, designed to keep you safe on the road when you are going fast, this acts as a gentle reminder that you have loved ones waiting for you at home. While other features such as the Lane Keep Assist are there to make sure that you stay within your lane- protecting yourself and other road users.

Places like Paarl are capable of stealing one’s heart- it is scenic and one is surrounded by amazing views and raw natural beauty. Abseiling makes taking in the environment even more worthwhile – the team got the trill they were yearning for!


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