Kayaking: Adventure Is Out There You Just Have To Kayak To It!

Today the teams loaded up the XUV700 with kayaks, paddles and gear to go search for a local rapid and peace. They hit the road at the crack of dawn and headed to north of Swartberg where they found Breede River.

The Breede River is 337km long with a basin size of 12 384 kmand is the Western Cape’s most navigable wide river. Its source is in the Skurweberg Mountains around Ceres before flowing over Mitchells pass and on through the Breede River Valley before meeting the Indian Ocean at Witsrand – one of the best whale watching coastal towns of the Overberg. Now that was a mouthful of geography!

Kayaking is a truly exhilarating experience and a great way to #ExploreActiveLiving and experience the outdoors. The challenge is a 4km race down the river and then a sprint to the finish line. The teams got a quick kayaking crash course before heading out on the water where they learnt three core skills: The drop phase: Wind your torso and immerse your blade fully on the side of the boat next to your hip. The power phase: Rotate your torso as the blade moves in front of you. The release phase: When your paddle blade is even with your feet, “slice” the blade out of the water. One of the most crucial skills to have is to stay visible and know how to stay safe.

The instructor highlighted the importance of safety in the water, as currents and tides can change quickly and take over or flip your kayak. Even smaller rivers can become dangerous under certain conditions.

Much like driving, things can change quickly and one must be prepared, which is why the XUV700 was designed to be a semi-autonomous vehicle that is well-equipped with advanced life saving technology to keep you safe on every journey! This powerhouse of an SUV is obsessively engineered to dial up adrenaline like never before – the disruptive XUV700 luxury SUV is redefining the segment benchmarks and received the Global NCAP ‘Safer Choice’ Award for being the safest car in India.

After the safety briefing, it was time to put oars to water and set off! The teams battled the currents, the sweltering heat and sore bodies from the 10km trail run in the previous challenge. However they pushed through!

Maserame and Mojake took a spill as they reached the river bank and tried to exit their canoe! Mark and Chantal, being the underdogs, decided that they needed to up their game. They took like ducks to the water and won this leg of the activities with sterling strategy and tenacity!


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